Our company provides advice on comprehensive strategy structuring for the development of infrastructure and public service projects.

Our services include multidisciplinary activities that allow conducting a technical, legal and social diagnosis of the area of influence of the project in order to establish the best strategy for project sustainability over time.

  • Guide to Land Acquisition (GLA)
  • Land Acquisition Management
  • Title Deed Assessment
  • Physical Identification of Land
  • Physical and Legal Recognition of Land
  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Comprehensive Diagnoses of the Area of Influence (CDAI)

Comprehensive License and
Permit System

Our company maps and identifies administrative procedures that are necessary for the development of various activities in order to facilitate the obtaining of licenses, permits and authorizations at various stages before public authorities, whether national, regional or local.

  • Water
  • Explosives
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Archaeological Remains
  • Others

Practice Areas

  • Agreements
  • Mining, power, telecommunications, fishing and renewable resources
  • Corporate
  • Environmental
  • Real Estate and Urban