Social Studies

We analyze the context related to the human component and those social, economic and cultural variables in the areas of influence of extraction and infrastructure projects.

We determine (qualitatively and quantitatively) the most relevant needs, capacities and resources of the area of study related to social, economic and political matters of the area to invest.

We identify and define the stakeholders within the area of influence of the project, emphasizing perceptions, interests and expectations.

We advise and suggest measures to prevent and solve social impacts that could be generated by projects on a population.

The main studies carried out by our company are the following:

  • Social Baseline (SB)
  • Socioeconomic and Political Diagnosis (SEPD)
  • Stakeholder Mapping (SMA)
  • Ethnographic Surveys
  • Social Investment Projects

Social Management and

Social management is the process for the construction of interaction and development spaces in the areas where extractive and infrastructure projects are carried out. This process is managed on the basis of surveys previously conducted, which become the most important input of the local reality.

Social management involves continuous dialogue and communication among all stakeholders within the areas of intervention, which leads us to develop and manage empathetic interaction models that are essential for achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability required by investment projects.

The main services provided by our company are the following:

  • Community Relations Plan (CRP)
  • Social and Corporate Communications Plan (CP)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Plan (CSRP)
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Social Due Diligence
  • Tools or Means of Communication
  • Means of Communication Mapping
  • Conflict Prevention, Mitigation and Resolution